100% of your dollars go to providing jobs for those with disabilities.

ASDD Document Destruction is a social enterprise of TCH – The Centers for Habilitation.  TCH is a local Arizona 501(c)(3) non-profit, that has been operating since 1967.  TCH is dedicated to providing support and opportunities to people with physical and developmental disabilities.

One of the ways TCH benefits individuals with disabilities is through providing jobs, job coaching and job placement.  This is where ASDD Document Destruction comes into play.  As a social enterprise of TCH, ASDD encompasses all of these roles.  Our goal is to assist individuals with disabilities to obtain productive and valuable training and employment. Our employees gain not only a paycheck, but also independence and dignity through their work.

  • We provide jobs to 90+ individuals with disabilities.
  • ASDD’s goal is to help these individuals learn the skills that will eventually lead to them gaining employment in the general workforce.
  • For some, their disabilities are too severe and often prevent employment in the general work force.  In these cases, as long as the individual desires to be employed, ASDD will have a place for them.

By utilizing ASDD Document Destruction you accomplish three outstanding milestones

  1. Secure your business’ confidential documents
  2. You help the environment by recycling your paper goods
  3. MOST Important – every dollar you spend with ASDD goes to providing services to individuals with disabilities.